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Take  control  of  Kitty  the  cat!  But  Kitty  is  no  ordinary  cat...  KITTY  CAN  FLY!

Kitty  Can  Fly  is  a  one-of-a-kind  2D  distance  game  for android  devices!

Enjoy  easy  to  learn,  yet  difficult  to  master  one-click controls  in  Kitty  Can  Fly!  Simply  tap  to  make  Kitty  gain altitude.  Let  go  to  send  him  into  a  nosedive.  Just  make sure  Kitty  has  enough  energy  before  you  take  off!

Kitty  Can  Fly  makes  use  of  a  multitude  of  power-ups designed  to  keep  Kitty  flying!  Use  the  bouncy  bubble  to ricochet  off  the  ground  and  back  into  the  stratosphere.  Or  fly  through  the  rainbow  for  a  massive boost  in  speed  and  distance!

Kitty Can Fly is a one-of-a-kind 2D distance game for android devices!

Enjoy easy to learn, yet difficult to master one-click controls in Kitty Can Fly!